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Yerba Mate

Canarias 1kg

Canarias is a brazilian product and the leading brand in Uruguay. The Yerba Mate Canarias is produced without sticks, stems. It is finely ground and has a strong and aromatic taste.
Special Selection Canarias Especial Yerba Mate 1kg The most popular brand in Uruguay Without stems (sin palos) Strong, robust, bitter taste
Cruz de Malta is one of the most important companies in Argentina which produces Yerba Mate. Always bringing their production up to date and taking special cares of their harvest in order to guarantee its quality. 
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The newest blend from Las Marias, the biggest mate plantation in Argentina. We already offer many yerba mate products from this company like Union and many types of  Taragui. It's great Mañanita enriched our offer. You have to give it a try! 
The Especial version of Piporé is distinguished by its selection of the best plant material and its four-layer packing, which ensures a lasting quality.
Yerba Mate

Taragüi 1kg

Taragui - yerba with stems has a very intense and genuine taste which make of this yerba one of a kind. A classic between the top yerba mate in Argentina. It is very intense and aromatic.
Colon Special Selection 500g
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That yerba mate is a stronger version of traditional yerba mate Colon. The name “Especial” indicates that only the best quality leaves and twigs were used for the production. Thanks to that its taste is so incomparable, intensive, colourful and will live long in the memory. Was stored for about 2.5 years. The Colon brand is produced in the Farming...
Playadito Elaborada 500g
Yerba Mate Playadito 500g The production of yerba mate Playadito is with utmost devotion and with years of experience.Each step is carefully monitored, from the selection of seedlings, over drying of the yerba leaves to the filling of the finished product.The result is a product with a unique flavor and mild aroma.  It is known for its mild flavor.
Rosamonte - Especial 1kg
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Rosamonte Especial is of limited harvest und becomes for many people the yerba mate of highest quality. It is storage long and slowly. After been 18 months stored in jute bags, it acquires its characteristical aroma which make of this yerba an incomparable one.
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