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Amanda Compuesta Hierbas - 500g Amanda Compuesta Hierbas - 500g 2
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 Amanda Compuesta Hierbas is combined with antacids and digestive herbs. 
CBS Hierbas Serranas is a delightful combination of the best yerba mate and a refreshing selection of mountain herbs. This way are combined the stimulating and nutritional effects of yerba mate and the medicinal effects of pennyroyal, peppermint and Melissa.
Among the most known properties of the herbs that are part of the mix in Regulasé we can find: Pennyroyal: effectively fights cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal disorders. Rosehip: balances our organism, improves enzymatic processes. Chamomile: it’s relaxing, digestive and anti-inflammatory. Lemon Verbena: digestive, antispasmodic, and...
CBSé - Silueta 500g
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CBSé - Silueta is great for the ones who want a balanced diet.  - fennel help to eliminate toxins.  - Boldo and the lemon verbena have digestive and hepatoprotective properties.  - Rosa rubiginosa brings a well-being feeling.
Colon Completo 500g
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The complete composition of herbs + yerba mate : Boldo Camomile Anethum glaveolens Aloysia polystachya  Glob amaranth 
Kurupi Katuava 500g
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Yerba Mate

Kurupi Katuava 500g

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Yerba Mate with Katuava (Catuava) and Boldo. For extra energy and libido.
Cruz de Malta Mint and Boldo 500g
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Cruz de Malta Boldo and Mint 500g contains yerba mate combined with a boldo and mint taste. It has a refreshing taste.  You can enjoy it like mate or like tereré (cold mate).
Kraus Silvestre (Peppermint) - 0,5 kg
Kraus Silvestre - 500g Exquisite taste and fragrant aroma of natural herbs                 (mint, peperina, pennyroyal and lemon verbena). Prepared using a unique system of drying by warm air through indirect heat from a boiler. SMOKE FREE
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