Bombillas - Straws

Straws called "Bombilla" helps to sip Yerba Mate.

Can be made from metal, but can also be made from bamboo (- used for cold mate - Tereré ). This straws have filters on ends with many different configurations from simple one - filter to more advanced bombilla's designed with three filters system.

Bombilla Chata (16cm)

Bombilla Chata (16cm)

Bombilla Chata (16cm) - Stainless steelMaterial: Stainless steel with the additional cooling ring of copper
YerBOX Starter Pack YerBOX Starter Pack 2
YerBOX - Argentina starter pack.  We've prepared our lovely box as a perfect option for beginners who want to try products from Argentina.  Perfect gift idea (outstanding box design and "how to prepare yerba mate" guides inside) all you need for your yerba journey.
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