Tea Bags

If you are busy at this moment or just no time to prepare the typical Yerba Mate and you want to keep the taste and health benefits of Yerba Mate - the Tea bags is great option for you.

Rosamonte - Tee Bags - 50
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Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest and dry yerba mate in Misiones, Argentina. The yerba mate rosamonte was produced by selecting the natural herb. The dried leaves were processed and teabags packed.To prepare it, just put the teabag in a cup, pour boiling water and let it steep for some minutes. If you like...
Kraus Mate Organica - 25 tea bags
  • On sale!
Yerba mate Kraus is a 100% natural product. - without any pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides. - holds an International Quality Certificate OIA and also the kosher certificate.
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