Gourd Algarrobo Wood
Gourd Algarrobo Wood
Gourd Algarrobo Wood
Gourd Algarrobo Wood

Gourd Algarrobo Wood

  • Hand Crafted in Argentina. 
  • Carved from Algarrobo wood,
  • Sturdy, High Quality Gourd is a real joy to hold. 
  • Imparts its natural chemicals and tannings into the Yerba, giving it a unique and truly wonderful flavour.


The South American tree species Prosopis nigra is where we get our Algarrobo wood from. It was given the name Algarrobo Negro by the early Spanish settlers which means “black carob tree” due to its similarity to the European carob tree. Fruits of those trees are traditionally used as a natural sweetener. 

Algarrobo gourds / mates are ideal for flavoured yerba mate as the wood is fragrant and sweet.

Vol: 150 - 200ml
Material: Algarrobo wood in aluminium coat
Country of origin: Argentina   

Country of Origin
algarrobo wood / aluminium coat
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