What is Yerba Maté

and why you should try it?

Yerba mate is a natural hot drink prepared like tea, by steeping the yerba mate leaves in hot water. Traditionally the dried and chopped leaves of the yerba mate tree are added to a hardened and hollowed out calabash gourd. A special filter straw, called a bombilla (pronounced bombeeya) is inserted, then hot (not boiling 70-80 C) water is added to the gourd and the brew is drunk up through the filter straw.

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Yerba mate is harvested exclusively from the Ilex Paraguariensis tree, which grows in South America. Once the leaves are harvested they are dried and chopped up, then matured for 12-24 months before being packaged. In Argentina, one of the largest commercial producers of yerba mate, the collective production of yerba mate will be about 50 million tons in 2013. Socially the tea is known simply as mate (pronounced, "maté") and is drunk mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Brazil. In the former three countries mate is consumed more than beer and coffee combined. What is perhaps the most fascinating fact about this drink, is that it is still consumed by the vast majority as per the traditional method of preparation, however yerba mate is also available in tea bags and as a water-soluble powder.        

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Why Yerba Mate Is Good For You ? 

  • Enhances immune ability.
  • Naturally stimulates the body and mind.
  • Increases physical, and intellectual ability.
  • Improves concentration,
  • Used in medicine as a natural stimulant of the central nervous system
  • Regulates metabolism , helps digestion of food  rebuilds damaged tissue of the stomach and intestines ( recommended for weight loss )
  • stimulates weak , tired, nervous system, eliminates irritability
  • Yerba Mate is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. 

What’s in 🧉 ?

  • Yerba Mate contains:

    Xanthines group - MATEINS (similar to caffeine stimulates the central nervous system but without causing addiction)

    Vitamins - A, B1, B2, C,  

    Microelements - iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, hydrochloric acid, chlorophyll, choline, inositol.

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