Vidusmeži Ceramics

Linda Zelta

Vidusmeži Ceramics

is a ceramic artist from Latvia.

Her work combines education in Environmental Science and Fine arts as well as experience working with tea and knowledge about tea culture from all over the world. A great deal of inspiration she acquires from nature that surrounds her home and studio called ”Vidusmeži” (middle of the forest) - that’s how she signs her work in honor of this place. Experimentation is a big part of Lindas work. Hand building technique, natural forms and colors, using raw clays, adding wood and stone details, mixing clays with sand and gravel - all these methods have led to creating something truly unique in its simplicity - visually appealing ceramics which are hard to let go of your hands.

My Artwork

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The products below are specially made for our store by Linda.

Find the most unique Product. Each one is one of a kind and each one is a little piece of art.

Ceramic Gourd - Triskelion
Handmade With Love Supporting Artists This Time Of Year  - specially made for YERBA MATE IRELAND Over 20 different gourds to pick from. 
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