Premium Yerba Mate

Organic Yerba Mate without stems. It has been produced following a unique drying process which consists of indirect warming through the heat produced by a boiler. This way a smoke-free tea is obtained, with a really smooth taste and a nice aroma.
La Merced Campo Sur 500g La Merced Campo Sur 500g 2
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Yerba Mate

La Merced Campo Sur 500g

Las Marias (Taragüi)
La Merced Campo Sur has been dried following the most traditional methods and the settling lasted between 12 and 15 months. The origins and the milling methods make of the yerba a top quality product with an incomparable taste and of limited production. It tastes a bit bitter which is a sign of its provenance.
Liebig Original 500g
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High Quality Yerba Mate LIEBIG Original.  To achieve this high quality yerba, the harvest is made in winter when the leaves are at their peak ripeness. 18 months aging. Specially packed with a paper that keeps moisture and external aromas out. A must for those who prefer less bitter versions of yerba mate.
Pajarito PREMIUM 500g
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Yerba Mate

Pajarito PREMIUM 500g

Pajarito Premium invites you to enjoy its unique flavor. A special product from Pajarito company. First time without stems! Strong and great flavor!
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