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Yerba Mate

Pajarito Compuesta Hierbas - 500g

500g – Yerba Mate Pajarito Compuesta Hierbas (Herbal) – Paraguayan Yerba suitable for making hot mate or ice cold refreshing tereré
Yerba Mate

Pajarito Seleccion Especial 1kg

Yerba Mate Pajarito is native the Itapúa, Paraguay. Mate tea is a national pride. This product was cultivated in the traditional way. Afterwards it was scorched and dried. The leaves were stocked 20 months and guarantee an incomparable quality. This period of time is one of the most important ones in the whole process because here it gains its taste and...
Pajarito PREMIUM 500g
  • On sale!
Yerba Mate

Pajarito PREMIUM 500g

Pajarito Premium invites you to enjoy its unique flavor. A special product from Pajarito company. First time without stems! Strong and great flavor!
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