CBSé Energia with Guarana 500g

CBSé Energia with Guarana 500g

An Excellent Yerba Mate Enhaced With Natural Herbs.

  • Poleo (herb belongs to the mint family)

  • Vervain (liver treatment , exhaustion, fatigue, fever)

  • GUARANÁ (energy-boosting properties)

CBSé ENERGIA with perfect combination of herbs will give you an added boost, better health and great taste.


Amazon Indians have discovered the medicinal effectsfrom the Guarana (Paulina Cupana) fruit, and they have been using it since ancient time as a natural medicine. Among it benefits we can mention its regulating gastrointestinal action. A diuretic aid, an hepatic protector, a body general toner and a stimulant. It helps counteract stress giving a thrust of energy during the day.

Poleo (Rocky Mountain Brookmint) - This pleasant smelling herb belongs to the mint family, and is a tasty addition to sun teas and cold beverages. Remedially, Poleo has been used for years to settle stomachaches, colic, and accompanying headaches. For fevers or beginning stages of colds, Poleo is either drunk or bathed in to increase perspiration, which in turn frees the body of waste and toxins. Because it is so gentle and tasty, Poleo is great in remedies for infants and children, but too much will act as an emetic.

Vervain -  is used to treat the liver and diseases related to the liver, exhaustion, fatigue, fever, insomnia, asthma, post-natal depression, as well as painful or irregular menses. It will also help increase the flow of a mother's milk. Do not use during pregnancy.

GUARANÁ - Guarana leaves have been used in South American tribes for centuries because of their energy-boosting properties. Guarana helps to reduce fatigue and hunger, while helping to prevent blood clots, diarrhea, the urinary system, and to help arthritis pain. Guarana soothes nerves, fights free radicals, relieves pain, kills bacteria, and thins blood. This herb is also known for boosting moods, slowing down the pulse, increasing mental alertness and concentration, and helps with hangovers, menstrual headaches, heat exhaustion, and neuralgia. It has been known to be used as a sexual stimulant as well. It is most commonly taken in tea form.


The history of CBSé started 1978. By that time the founders decided to bring a new product to the market, a combination of Yerba Mate and mountain herbs to the market: the first combined yerba mate in Argentina. The company started as a small family project with a factory and a warehouse in Santa Fe. Then it started to spread and nowadays they have millings in the provinces of Misiones, San Juan and they stock in Córdoba and La Rioja.

Ingredients: yerba mate (63%), Pennyroyal (35,98%), lemon verbena (0,5%), guarana extract (0,22%), nature identical flavor (guarana) (0,3%)

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