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Playadito Despalada 500g

Playadito Despalada 500g

  • Very strong selection.
  • Playadito our favorite product from "Cooperativa Liebig" 
  • Leaves only - high energy boost

The flavor of yerba mate Playadito without sticks is more intense and long-lasting than the traditional one. The amount of sticks this Yerba contains is less than 5%.

Playadito looks back on over 80 years of history. It all began in 1926 when a group of German immigrants, founded the cooperative Liebig in Corrientes (Argentina). Since then Playadito contributes an important part to the Argentinean culture of Yerba Mate.

The production of yerba mate Playadito is done with utmost devotion and with years of experience. Each step is carefully monitored, from the selection of seedlings, over drying the yerba leaves to filling the finished product.
The result is a product with a unique flavor and mild aroma.


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