Anti-aging: Nature's DNA
Anti-aging: Nature's DNA

Anti-aging: Nature's DNA

Reduces wrinkles. It restores vitality and a fresh look.



Bioactive oil with a wonderfully light texture. It is absorbed very well, creating the so-called skin effect. dry oil.

  • It contains an extremely valuable ingredient - Kahai oil, which has strong anti-aging properties. It has three times more natural retinol than rose oil and 50% more vitamin E and linoleic acid than argan oil.
  • Luxurious Spanish Lavender Oil - Steochiol - lifts the skin and prevents the formation of deeper wrinkles. Importantly, the effect is immediate.
  • The high content of new generation oil-soluble vitamin C, thanks to its innovative formula, penetrates deep into the skin and reaches the cells in an unchanged form. Protects against UV rays and environmental pollution. It eliminates the signs of fatigue and gives the skin a healthy glow.
  • As a multifunctional product, it can be used alone or as an activating concentrate under your favorite care cosmetics.
  • Nature's DNA provides the skin with what it needs, whether you want to be preventive or reduce wrinkles and restore its vitality and fresh appearance.


Apply the oil to your cleansed face, neck, and décolleté. Massage in gently. Use alone or in combination with Alkemie cream or mask.

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