Snow White: Spotless (R)evolution
Snow White: Spotless (R)evolution

Snow White: Spotless (R)evolution

24h brightening cream



Spotless (r)evolution is an innovative whitening cream. It combines the power of natural active ingredients and solutions of modern neurocosmetology. It has multidimensional effects in the successive reduction of discolorations and the anti-aging care of the skin

  • A loading dose of vitamin C from Kakadu plum – an exceptional fruit with the highest natural content of vitamin C in the world, provides the skin with a healthy and radiant look. It combats oxidative stress and reduces the signs of aging.
  • Organic oils- wheat germ, rice, and sesame – nourish, hydrate, and regenerate the skin. They constitute natural protection against UV radiation and environmental factors.
  • The cream’s effectiveness is guaranteed by its revolutionary ingredient - EPS White PA – which uses marine exopolysaccharides rich in amino acids: Alanine and serine. Thanks to its exceptional spiral form, it penetrates into the skin and blocks the release of inflammatory neurotransmitters. It protects from excessive pigmentation caused by oxidative stress, environmental pollution, and UV radiation. Day after day, it gradually brightens the existing discolorations.
  • Riboxyl™, the energizer contained in the cream, a natural ingredient obtained from corn seeds, stimulates the metabolism and increases the amount of oxygen in cells. It restores the energy of the skin and has anti-aging effects.
  • An exceptional complex of ten plants, used for generations in Chinese medicine, evens the skin color, reduces patches and discolorations, revitalizes the skin, and combats free radicals.
  • Spotless (r)evoltution has been enriched with a unique phytocomplex – Luminescine – which captures the UV radiation, reflects, and transforms it into visible light. Its effects are: Optically brightened discolorations, illuminated, radiant, and visibly younger skin.
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