Nature's Treasure - Glow up! 60ml
Nature's Treasure - Glow up! 60ml

Nature's Treasure - Glow up! 60ml

2-in-1 superfruit muesli mask




Glow up! is a bio revitalizing 2 in 1 mask fulfilling two functions simultaneously: A gentle peeling and a creamy mask with strong skin energizing and regenerating effects.

  • It contains a loading dose of vitamin C soluble in oils; thanks to its innovative formula, it penetrates deep into the skin and reaches cells in an unchanged form. It stays active for many hours and is gradually released. It protects against UV radiation and environmental pollution.
  • The organic complex of superfruit extract – guarana, acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry, and Amazonian camu-camu – has great power in combating free radicals and civilizational stress. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin and collagen production and gently brightens discolorations.
  • Recommended for every skin type in need of regeneration and revitalization, especially dull, tired and anoxic. It is a perfect solution for those who work in air-conditioned offices, and smokers.
  • Thanks to the use of softening ingredients and gentle flakes of rice and rose flower, it has refreshing effects. It leaves the skin smooth and radiant, full of vitality.
  • Valuable moringa butter, jojoba esters, and Chinese lacquer tree wax, as well as luxurious oils – babassu, Argan, and apricot kernel – show perfect care, nourishing and firming properties. Additionally, they reduce wrinkles and rebuild the hydro-lipid layer of the skin. Vitamins E and PP improve the condition of the epidermis and its hydration.

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