CBSé - Hierbas Cuyanas 500g

CBSé Hierbas Cuyanas 500g

Herbs from Cuyo (Hierbas Cuyanas)

Enjoy the perfect mix of yerba mate with herbs.

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CBSé herbs from Cuyo - Hierbas Cuyanas is a balanced mix of the best yerba mate with nice and fresh herbs like pennyroyal, boldo, fennel, lemon balm, incayuyo, coriander, chamomile and mint. Enjoy the herbal scent in each mate and at each brewing with your favorite flavor.

Among the most known properties of the herbs that are part of the mix in Herbs from Cuyo (Hierbas Cuyanas) we can find:

Pennyroyal: effectively fights cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal disorders.

Boldo: thanks to its digestive properties it is a great hepatoprotector.

Fennel: it’s digestive, helps reducing cholesterol and works as antioxidant.

Lemon Balm: calms the nerves and restores general well-being.

Incayuyo: it’s digestive.

Coriander: it’s digestive, cleanser.

Chamomile: it’s relaxing, digestive and anti-inflammatory.

Mint: it’s digestive and fights gastrointestinal disorders.

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