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Cruz de Malta - Trilaminada - 500g

Cruz de Malta NUEVA 500g

Cruz de Malta is one of the most important companies in Argentina which produces Yerba Mate. Always bringing their production up to date and taking special cares of their harvest in order to guarantee its quality. 


Cruz de Malta Trilaminada - with Stems 500g 

Cruz de Malta with stems has a nice aroma and is perfect for beginners. The thicker packaging with 3 layers (trilaminada) provides a better protection of the yerba from outer influences like humidity and smell and guarantees an excellent conservation of its taste and aroma.

Cruz de Malta is one of the oldest companies in South America which produces Yerba Mate.

This traditional Yerba has been produced since 1874 by the company Larangeira Mendes S.A.
The yerba is dried and storage the necessary period of time in order to get the perfect ripeness, aroma and characteristic taste with a 100% natural product.

With Stems (Traditional )
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