CBSé Silueta Naranja 500g
CBSé Silueta Naranja 500g
CBSé Silueta Naranja 500g
CBSé Silueta Naranja 500g

CBSé Silueta Naranja 500g

  CBSé Silueta Orange If you want to treat yourself to a delicious mix of yerba mate with rosehip, pennyroyal, fennel, fucus, mint, lemon verbena and boldo, you just have to try CBSé Silhouette Orange. Added with vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12 and Zinc.

It is the first yerba mate with prebiotics on the market-, Silueta Naranja is part of the Dr. A. Cormillot family of Foods, which provide health benefits and promote well-being.


You can enjoy like normal tea, like mate or like tereré (cold mate).   

    The history of CBSé started 1978. By that time the founders decided to bring a new product to the market, a combination of Yerba Mate and mountain herbs to the market: the first combined yerba mate in Argentina.

The company started as a small family project with a factory and a warehouse in Santa Fe. Then it started to spread and nowadays they have millings in the provinces of Misiones, San Juan and they stock in Córdoba and La Rioja.

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