Yerba Mate Sets

Save your money with our special selection of yerba sets to give you what you need to start brewing yerba mate. You can buy a simple gourd and bombilla kit, or get all your need.

Yerba Mate Sets

Taragüi Set

All you need to begin yerba mate journey.  Bombilla Wooden Gourd ~ 120ml Yerba Mate Taragui 500g  Glass maté cup preserves the taste and the original properties of the yerba maté, as well as being easy to wash
YerBOX - Degustation. Argentina Perfect set for a gift. Set includes 4x packs of different brands: Taragui Traditional 250g Amanda Traditional 250g, Pipore Traditional 250g, Kraus Organica 250g 2x 50g samples of Selecta, Pajarito Organica
YerBOX - Degustation. Cross Country  This Degustation set is the bestSelection of yerba mate from various countries. Set includes 4x packs of different brands: Canarias 250g Taragui 250g, Pajarito 250g Yerba Mate Green 200g 2x 50g samples of Selecta, Pajarito Organica
YerBOX Starter Pack YerBOX Starter Pack 2
YerBOX - Argentina starter pack.  We've prepared our lovely box as a perfect option for beginners who want to try products from Argentina.  Perfect gift idea (outstanding box design and "how to prepare yerba mate" guides inside) all you need for your yerba journey.
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