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The origins of the Yerba Mate Amanda go back to the year 1900. At this time, a colonist family from Poland settled down in Misiones, province of Argentina, and cultivated yerba mate. Yerba Mate with stems (con palos) – a very popular brand in Argentina.   Amanda Yerba Mate has great classical taste.
Yerba Mate

Cruz de Malta 100g Sample

Cruz de Malta
Cruz de Malta is one of the most important companies in Argentina which produces Yerba Mate. Always bringing their production up to date and taking special cares of their harvest in order to guarantee its quality. 
Yerba Mate

Taragüi sin Palo 100g Sample

Las Marias (Taragüi)
Taragüi without stem 100g Sample This yerba without stems (leafs only) has a very intense and genuine taste which makes this yerba one of a kind. Unique taste, definitely worth to try  !
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