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Yerba mate is an acquired taste. For most people mate seemed overwhelming, bitter and strong at first, which may lead to disappointment and loss of interest. That’s why it is important to start with a right yerba mate that can be enjoyed even by a novice; yerba mate that will introduce those earthy herbal flavors to an unprepared palate; yerba mate that will make you fall in love with this complex and healthy infusion.

What yerba mate for beginners ?

It’s best to start with Argentine yerba mate, because the majority of yerbas from Argentina are on the lighter and sweeter side, compared to other regional varieties. Most of the Paraguayan yerba mate, on the other hand, is smoked and too strong for beginners. Brazilian erva is really hard to prepare without proper tools and techniques, and Uruguayan yerba mate may be too full-bodied and bold for an unprepared palate. There are actually a lot of newbie-friendly Argentine yerba mates on the market that are naturally sweet, light, unsmoked and not overly bitter.

However, we decided to narrow down this list to the yerbas that are not too complex, light to medium-bodied and not super similar to each other, offering something unique and distinctive.

More products for beginners below.

Yerba Mate

CBSé Tropical Fruits 500g

A delicious mix of yerba mate with the aroma of fresh and exotic fruits such as passion fruit, mango, papaya, and orange. The sweet aromas of these tropical fruits give this blend the character of a sweet, jungle-friendly herb. It combines very well with sweet and salty.
An Excellent Yerba Mate Enhaced With Natural Herbs. Poleo (herb belongs to the mint family) Vervain (liver treatment , exhaustion, fatigue, fever) GUARANÁ (energy-boosting properties) CBSé ENERGIA with perfect combination of herbs will give you an added boost, better health and great taste.
A delicious mix of yerba mate with red fruits such as blueberry, raspberry, cherry, and strawberry with a touch of natural rosehip. Its aroma is very sweet, with notes of cherry caramel standing out. Despite being so sweet on the nose, it is not so sweet on the palate and a slight acidity is perceived, probably due to the rosehip, which gives it a very...
Yerba Mate

CBSé Jengibre (Ginger) 500g

CBSé Jengibre (Ginger) 500g is an excellent blend of yerba mate with natural ginseng extract. This unique composition offers a perfect balance of flavor and health benefits. Prepare yourself a special mate and enjoy the invigorating effects of ginseng. Inspired by Argentine heritage, CBSé Ginger is the perfect beverage for any time of the day!
Yerba Mate

CBSé Pomelo 500g

  The Pomelo scent goes from the package to each and every mate and surrounds the environment. Thanks to its bitter tinges and sweet aromas it perfectly combines its astringency with the lasting quality of yerba mate. It’s ideal to enjoy in the afternoon, sided with strong and intense flavors such as cheese, biscotti or bittersweet pastry.
La Merced Campo Sur 500g La Merced Campo Sur 500g 2
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Yerba Mate

La Merced Campo Sur 500g

Las Marias (Taragüi)
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La Merced Campo Sur has been dried following the most traditional methods and the settling lasted between 12 and 15 months. The origins and the milling methods make of the yerba a top quality product with an incomparable taste and of limited production. It tastes a bit bitter which is a sign of its provenance.
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