Tereré (cold mate)

 Tereré (cold mate) Perfect for summer !

  CBSé Orange combines the delicious scent of a sweet orange with the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice; without losing the yerba mate characteristic tinges: fresh, astringent, with a dry herbal aftertaste and a bit of wood. Ideal to enjoy in the morning and afternoon with something sweet or citric to eat. Try it! It will surprise you!
Kurupi Katuava 500g
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Yerba Mate

Kurupi Katuava 500g

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Yerba Mate with Katuava (Catuava) and Boldo. For extra energy and libido.
Yerba Mate

Meta Mate 23

Organic Yerba - Vacuum packed yerba mate. Fresh, very green leaves straight from Brazilian Rainforest  - Very mild, subtle taste along with strong awakening effect 
CBSé - Energia with Guarana 500g
An Excellent Yerba Mate Enhaced With Natural Herbs. Poleo (herb belongs to the mint family) Vervain (liver treatment , exhaustion, fatigue, fever) GUARANÁ (energy-boosting properties) CBSé ENERGIA with perfect combination of herbs will give you an added boost, better health and great taste.
CBSé Pomelo (Grapefruit) - 500g
Yerba Mate

CBSé Pomelo 500g

  The Pomelo scent goes from the package to each and every mate and surrounds the environment. Thanks to its bitter tinges and sweet aromas it perfectly combines its astringency with the lasting quality of yerba mate. It’s ideal to enjoy in the afternoon, sided with strong and intense flavors such as cheese, biscotti or bittersweet pastry.
Cruz de Malta Mint and Boldo 500g
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Cruz de Malta Boldo and Mint 500g contains yerba mate combined with a boldo and mint taste. It has a refreshing taste.  You can enjoy it like mate or like tereré (cold mate).
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