Taragüi - Energia 500g

Taragüi - Energia 500g

Is the first yerba mate specially selected for its harvest season which is in the summer, that's why it contains approximately 30% more natural content in matéina.

This yerba with stems has a very intense and genuine taste which makes of this yerba one o a kind. It is very intense and aromatic.


The word Taragüi comes from the Guaraní language and in means Corrientes, the province in northeast Argentina where it is produced. Today it is the leading yerba mate in the Argentinean market. Since 1924 it has been cultivated, harvested and produced by specialists of the Establecimiento Las Marias.

This yerba with stems has a very intense and genuine taste which make of this yerba one o a kind. A classic between the top yerba mate in Argentina. It is very intense and aromatic.

Furthermore, the yerba mate Taragüi was distinguished with the quality Certificate: “Alimentos Argentinos, una elección natural” (Argentine food, a natural choice). 
The Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food awarded Argentinean products which assure the highest quality requirements.

Taragüi-Energia has the special feature that the stems are harvested in summer. Thats why this product obtained 30% more of Mateein. There are no difference from the taste of the classic Taragüi.

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