La Merced Campo Sur 500g
La Merced Campo Sur 500g
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La Merced Campo Sur 500g
La Merced Campo Sur 500g

La Merced Campo Sur 500g

La Merced Campo Sur has been dried following the most traditional methods and the settling lasted between 12 and 15 months. The origins and the milling methods make of the yerba a top quality product with an incomparable taste and of limited production. It tastes a bit bitter which is a sign of its provenance.



The Yerba Mate La Merced Campo Sur comes from the areas of rainforest woods, with fertile soil, abundant rains and high temperatures.

The yerba mate La Merced Campo Sur was distinguished with the quality Certificate: Alimentos Argentinos, una elección natural (Argentine food, a natural choice). 
The Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food awarded Argentinean products which assure the highest quality requirements.

In order to keep the quality and taste, it is only commercialized in an exclusive construction paper package with a practical opening; protected inside by an airtight aluminized bag that keeps its unique characteristics intact.

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