Piporé Especial 1kg
Piporé Especial 1kg
Piporé Especial 1kg
Piporé Especial 1kg

Piporé Especial 1kg

The Especial version of Piporé is distinguished by its selection of the best plant material and its four-layer packing, which ensures a lasting quality.


In guaraní “ PI” means foot, “PO” hands and “RE” traces. Thus arose Piporé which means Foot and Hand Traces of the cacique Santos who according to legend left an indelible mark on the banks of the stream Santo Pipo where he was baptized by Jesuits. Piporé requires in its elaboration of a natural storage of a year and a half and with the perfect blend of raw materials, is achieved the preferred traditional flavor all over the world.

With Stems (Traditional )
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1 kg
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