Pajarito Organico 500g

Pajarito Organico 500g

Pajarito (Birdie) is one of the most popular brands of yerba mate in Paraguay. Pajarito Organico  it's flag product of this company - highest quality, grown and processed without the use of any chemicals this is yerba mate at its purest!


The organic yerba mate is obtained with an agricultural management and food production system that combines environmental practices and sustainable manufacturing to satisfy consumer preferences for organic products. Its seeding is peformed under forest cover, respecting the primitive natural environment, processed under methods which ensure organic integrity and vital qualities throughout the production chain, thus achieving a exceptional qualities yerba mate. It is dried in a kiln-dry Barbacuá kind and naturally stationated for two years. It is characterized by its granulated grinding and low-sticks, which gives a persistent but delicate flavor.

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