Kraus Silvestre (Peppermint) - 0,5 kg
  • -14%
Kraus Silvestre (Peppermint) - 0,5 kg

Kraus Silvestre (Peppermint) 500g

Kraus Silvestre 500g

  • Exquisite taste and fragrant aroma of natural herbs

                (mint, peperina, pennyroyal and lemon verbena).

  • Prepared using a unique system of drying by warm air through indirect heat from a boiler.
€7.22 €8.40 -14%


Kraus Yerba Mate is an organic product, free of chemicals, produced in an agro-ecological manner. We promote biodiversity in crops and natural processes such as pest control and nutrient recycling. Once harvested, Kraus yerba mate is processed by a single system that produces smoke-free yerba. We follow the principles of Fair Trade as well: we do not use child labor; we promote safe workplaces and appropriate hygiene; we give equal opportunities to both men and women; and we guarantee workers a fair wage. In addition, Kraus workers receive a percentage of the profits, and in a democratic assembly they decide the destiny of that money.

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