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Alfajores Havanna - Mix 6 Alfajores Havanna - Mix 6 2
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6 Alfajores Havanna mixed 306g An alfajor is a traditional Argentinean cookie. It consists of two round sweet biscuits joined together with dulce de leche. Alfajores Havanna are the probably most well-known Alfajores from Argentina. The sort “mixto” are 3 alfajores covered with chocolate and 3 covered with meringue. You have to try it!
Yerba Mate Amanda Despalada 500g 500g loose leaf yerba mate Amanda Despalada without stems (sin palos), an Argentinian Classic. Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate
The origins of the Yerba Mate Amanda goes back to the year 1900. At this time, a colonist family from Poland settled down in Misiones, province of Argentina, and cultivated yerba mate. Yerba Mate  with stems (con palos) – very popular brand in Argentina.   Amanda Yerba Mate has a great classical taste.
Yerba Mate

Cbsé Endulife 500g

CBSé Endulife is a naturally sweetened yerba. This new redesign features the sweetness of Stevia, the only non-caloric sweetener in beverages and foods. A common yerba mate with just the right natural sweetness. 
An Excellent Yerba Mate Enhaced With Natural Herbs. Poleo (herb belongs to the mint family) Vervain (liver treatment , exhaustion, fatigue, fever) GUARANÁ (energy-boosting properties) CBSé ENERGIA with perfect combination of herbs will give you an added boost, better health and great taste.
Exquisite mix of yerba mate and berries such as blueberry, raspberry, cherry and strawberry with a notice of natural rosehip. 
Yerba Mate

CBSé Limon 500g

Lemon Flavored (Limón)      A delicious combination of yerba mate with a tinge of lemon. Sweet in scent and flavor, without loosing its predominant characteristic: astringency. With a fresh flavor and scent it can be enjoyed all day long and can be sided with both sweet and salad snacks. Try it! It will surprise you!
  CBSé Orange combines the delicious scent of a sweet orange with the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice; without losing the yerba mate characteristic tinges: fresh, astringent, with a dry herbal aftertaste and a bit of wood. Ideal to enjoy in the morning and afternoon with something sweet or citric to eat. Try it! It will surprise you!
Yerba Mate

CBSé Pomelo 500g

  The Pomelo scent goes from the package to each and every mate and surrounds the environment. Thanks to its bitter tinges and sweet aromas it perfectly combines its astringency with the lasting quality of yerba mate. It’s ideal to enjoy in the afternoon, sided with strong and intense flavors such as cheese, biscotti or bittersweet pastry.
Among the most known properties of the herbs that are part of the mix in Regulasé we can find: Pennyroyal: effectively fights cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal disorders. Rosehip: balances our organism, improves enzymatic processes. Chamomile: it’s relaxing, digestive and anti-inflammatory. Lemon Verbena: digestive, antispasmodic, and...
Cruz de Malta - Trilaminada - 500g
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Cruz de Malta is one of the most important companies in Argentina which produces Yerba Mate. Always bringing their production up to date and taking special cares of their harvest in order to guarantee its quality. 
Organic Yerba mate without stem. It has been produced following a unique drying process which consists of the indirect warming through the heat produced by a boiler. This way a smoke-free tea is obtained, with a really smooth taste and a nice aroma.
Kraus Pionero - suave / mild Mild-flavored, Prepared using a unique system of drying by warm air through indirect heat from a boiler. SMOKE FREE
Organic Yerba Mate with stems. It has been produced following a unique drying process which consists of the indirect warming through the heat produced by a boiler. This way a smoke-free tea is obtained, with a really smooth taste and a nice aroma.
La Merced Barbacua 500g La Merced Barbacua 500g 2
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La Merced Barbacua - yerba with stems, dried with an ancestral process inherited from the Guaranis. It consists in a slow, dedicated process in which the leaves are exposed to the heat of a wood fire for a whole day. This way the Yerba becomes a strong taste and slightly smoked.
La Merced de Monte - 500g La Merced de Monte - 500g 2
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La Merced Monte has been dried following the most traditional methods and the settling lasted between 12 and 15 months. The origins and the milling methods make of the yerba a top quality product with an incomparable taste and of limited production. It tastes a bit bitter which is a sign of its provenance.
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The newest blend from Las Marias, the biggest mate plantation in Argentina. We already offer many yerba mate products from this company like Union and many types of  Taragui. It's great Mañanita enriched our offer. You have to give it a try! 
Playadito Despalada 500g
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Playadito our favorite product from "Cooperativa Liebig"  Leaves only - high energy boost
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